Austin in Toro Magazine

This is a new (to me?), old picture of Austin. It's from the Canadian Toro Magazine from 2006. I haven't actually got the magazine, so this is just a small picture from the web. Hence, it's hard to read. Anyone have this in a more readable size? He was one of the magazine top ten new hunks, or something like that.

Boys who bike

So, just because. Yay! :D

Surely, though, no matter what else you believe, biking CAN'T be the only thing these two ever do together. Why are the paps so fond of photographing them biking? And who is the third guy?

Austin chooses videos

Seems Austin likes to take a very active part of the virtual world. Now you can find him on where he suggest a few video clips that he loves. Seems David Milch is one of the people behind the site, so there's your connection!

For instance he chose these videos - with accompaning comments from Austin:

Comedy (Broad), Music (Musical)
When you see original online content like this, you get a feeling that there is a future for cinema and the internet together. This is a beautiful short film that is also funny and well written, well choreographed, and the songs are well sung as well. I was amazed! Cheers to Mike Lawson and everyone involved!

Angry Erotic Sheep in the Woods
Comedy (Broad)
Kristen Schaal from Flight of the Conchords is incredibly talented and funny and strange and beautiful. I would love anything she does. Enjoy!

Could be interesting to follow this! See what more things he might add to that list.

Video AND blog

More Austin at that blog. Now with video! He's adorable.

I'm not sure where they're going with this blog, though. Is it just to get a lot of attention so they'll get finance so they can make a movie? It IS a little weird to be talking about the characters of a non-existing movie this much. It'll be hard to live up to their own hype, if they ever manage to get it done, I fear.

With that said, I do love this part. Hilarie Burton sure does have a soft spot for our dear Austin. I think we all can sympathize. *g*

Austin rode 45 minutes on a scooter, all the way across the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles to eat eggs and split a crazy big 47 grain (exaggeration) pancake with Lis and me. He knew more than a couple people in the restaurant. He's been taking meetings out west with agents and managers, doing really solid work to get this project rolling. He's going to make this movie great.
But he's not a slick LA man. This is a southern creature we are talking about. He belongs in our sleepy little town, rocking on front porches and sipping on sweet tea.

Austin shines...

Some more insight into the wonders of Austin, courtesy of Hilarie Burton:

Mr. Nichols - I call him that because I have
the utmost respect for Mr. Austin Nichols.
To be perfectly honest, I really didn't know
if he and I were going to get along when we first
met. He was too beautiful. And beautiful men frighten me!
But Mr. Nichols is a nerdy, brainy, eccentric man in
disguise. True story: I was giving Mr. Nichols a ride
home one evening, when a party bus full of young
women started hollering at us. One of the rowdy
things mooned us.....although Austin and I debated
as to whether it was a full moon, or and undies-on moon
(which is not really a moon at all.) Not to be outdone,
he instructed me to speed up and pull up next to them,
at which point, he dropped his drawers and delivered
the fullest of moons.

Wiccans could have conducted ceremonies under this moon.
Coyotes howled at it.
Cows jumped over it.

We had a good laugh, and then I dropped him off.
Later that night, he wandered into a bar and
happened upon the very same pack of girls who
had heckled us earlier. Coincidence doesn't exist
for Mr. Nichols. He is a magnet, and the earth is drawn to him,
so of course he met up with this group again. I believe
they bought him shots all night.

Perhaps they were Wiccan.

Hee! He's quite a character, isn't he? :)

Austin blogs some more!

Austin the blogger strikes again!

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"
-paddy chayefsky -- NETWORK

"Look out music city, cause here I am and I ain't never leavin!"
-carol heikkinen -- THE THING CALLED LOVE

I am pretty in love with shouting from the rooftops.

Whether it be about revolution, career, dreams, or love,
I think people should spend more time shouting from
the rooftops.

Directors Sidney Lumet and Peter Bogdanovich nailed
it in their movies.

I have yelled from apartment windows in Manhattan,
screamed from the tops of tall buildings in Austin.

Lately, I howl like a werewolf in Los Angeles.

Usually from a balcony or deck overlooking all the twinkling
lights of Hollywood at night. My newest desire is
to shout from a tall building in every city I set foot in.

And I am urging all of you to do the same.

One time I was walking down a dark, quiet street in
Manhattan, and out of the sky, I heard...


Quit his soul-sucking job and pursue his dream?
Ask a girl to be his bride?

There was so much hope behind those words, that he inspired me.
A man I never saw or spoke to.

Maybe he just finally decided to get new drapes.

Go to the window now. Or the roof. Or climb a tree.
It doesn't matter.
Just get as high as you can and shout as loud as you can.
Whatever it is that you dream about.
Or whoever you love.
Yell it from the rooftops for all to hear.

And do it often.

And for Godsakes, do it at night.

Romance, people. Romance!!!

Somewhere in our film, Lincoln or Mona, or both,
must shout from the rooftops. I am going to shout from
the rooftops, baby!!!

And I am Lincoln Booth!!!

your faithful steed,
austin nichols

post script: what are all the other films with
great rooftop shouting scenes?

More quirky words from Austin!

Yet another blog from Austin! Seems he likes it. I say it again: get your own blog, Austin! *g*

Mona Mills is the kind of girl that a man only meets once in his life.
I am hesitant to use the word girl, not because she isn't a girl, but because that great four-letter-word doesn't encompass the entire MONA. She is also a woman. She is a lady. She is a broad. She is a dame. She is a damsel in............
She drives a rickshaw around Manhattan, speaks in a tongue that only a handful of humans can understand.
She has the spirit of Kate Winslet's, Clementine Kruczynski,from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Also, Annie Potts', Iona, from Pretty in Pink.
She will treat a perfect stranger like a best friend, pick up a hitchhiker just to hear his story, drop a television in the ocean just to see the splash, and then dive in and retrieve it so it doesn't pollute the Atlantic.
Mona Mills deserves her alliterative name.
Few deserve such a priveledge.
Characters in novels and drama and cinema often carry alliterative names. Comic bookshave exhausted the device. Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Lex Luthor...
Mona Mills is a woman that lives up to the hype. She can back it up. Tromp through the mud, scale sheer cliffs, fjord rivers and bound over tall mountains.
From the moment one meets Mona Mills, one is struck by her eccentricities. Her confidence is over-whelming, bordering on nuisiance, but quickly forgiven.
We forgive the beautiful easily for their shortcomings, as long as they are kind and sincere.
Mona Mills could kick a puppy, but her laugh and her regret could mend war-torn nations. But never forget that just underneath that confident exterior lies a very sensitive pixey.
And reading Mona Mills on a page is just as mind-boggling as meeting her for the first time. So the great question is...
Who is the actress, so rare and special, that can play Mona Mills?
Who is our whimsical, magical beauty? (Beck lyric)
Please share your ideas....
Your Faithful Servant,
Austin Nichols
post script: I just read what I wrote and none of it makes any sense, but with Mona Mills, that makes a lot of sense.